Post By: Steve Graef, PhD | Thursday, April 23, 2020

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Launching a business is tough. Launching a business during a global pandemic is even tougher. However, it shouldn't be that tough. After all, isn't Mindurance an on-demand, tele-coaching service that offers stress management and performance enhancement online coaching to athletes, performing artists, and professionals? And right now, aren't athletes, performing artists, and professionals particularly impacted? I mean, entire sport seasons have been cancelled. Seniors have had their final season vanish before their very eyes. Concert tours have been postponed. Theatrical productions have been delayed. Employees are forced to work from home, away from their desk and around their kids. There have been layoffs, furloughs, and cut-backs. This is more than stressful to an individual passionate about their sport, performance, or profession! For some, of course, it may be less taxing and more freeing. If that's the case, this extra free time could be spent working on mastering stress management via online courses and coaching in hopes of gaining that increasingly important edge once sports, performance, and occupational regularity returns. So let's dive into why Mindurance is needed now.

1.Stress Management. No matter how you slice it, we are enduring a global pandemic the likes of which the world has never seen before. So our daily lives are going to at least be a little disrupted. Maybe you can still make ends meet or maybe you're back at your parents – either way, there are some demanding aspects we must deal with. Social distancing isn't easy. Being away from teammates or crew members sucks. Being unable to engage in the sport or performance you love isn't ideal. All of these things can be stressful.

2.Motivation. When stripped from structure, we are left to our own internal capabilities. As such, an athlete, performer, or employee who is used to having extrinsic influences must now rely on their internal motivations. That's not always easy. So you might find yourself sluggish, laying around more, and departing from your usual habits. Though you might not be stressed, you're certainly not thriving or striving. It's time for a change.

3.Mental Fitness. Now that you're up and at ‘em and participating in life more, you can work on sharpening your mental axe.

“But, Steeeeeve!” I can hear you say. “I don't even know when my season is going to start! Why would I sharpen the mental axe now?”

Because you have the time! Little steps now will go a long way once things return to regularity. You have the opportunity to develop a weakness into a strength by the start of season and/or you can work your mental fitness which makes the break away seem less like a break away. Just think, while you're getting better, your competition might still be in chill mode.

4.Remote. “Alright, Steve, you may be right, but I can't go anywhere! I have to social distance!”

Don't worry about it. Connecting with Mindurance is as simple as a phone call. From the comfort of your home, all you have to do is access the system to be connected with a vetted sport and performance psychology provider. It's that easy.

5.Cost. “Hmm, but aren't sport and performance psychology services expensive?”

It's true, these services can be pricey… especially when there is a cushy brick and mortar office, salaried staff, internet bills, and copy machines. The beauty of Mindurance is in its remoteness. Providers work from home, cutting down on unnecessary expenses. What's more, with various types of providers charging various amounts, you can easily choose someone in your price range.

6.Time. “Ok, so it's cost effective, but I still don't have the time. I'm doing online schooling, writing the next classic novel, or playing Fortnite.” We've got you covered here too. Traditional offices require a commute, sitting in a wait room, and then taking time to fill out paperwork. Mindurance trims all the fat away so you could literally go from sign up to a session in as little as a minute (if you're a fast typer). What's more? Remember the classic 50-min session? Well, it doesn't exist anymore. You can call whenever you need and have a quick 10 min chat to address something in the moment.

7.Variety. Sport, performance, and professions. Covers a lot of ground doesn't it? Even though our certified mental performance coaches' niche is enhancing mental fitness and managing stress, there are a variety of performance types we address, such as sports of all types., performing artists, and medical professionals, armed services, executives, etc. Essentially, anyone that has to be ON at work.

8.Diverse. We all also pride ourselves on having diverse providers, including a diversity in age, cost, interests, language, ethnicity, race, location, and method. Never before could you access such a diverse group of vetted sport and performance psychology professionals in one place. With new performance psychology online coaches being added monthly, you can always find the person you click with most.

9.Consultative. Mindurance is also consultative. Although we mention athletes, performers, and professionals as our target audience, we also encourage others involved in those industries to contact us too. For instance, athletic directors, coaches, choreographers, agents, and other types of individuals also experience demands, want to enhance performance, or want to know how they can support others. Well, not surprisingly, Mindurance has you covered here too.

10.Easy-going. Finally, Mindurance and the service providers are easy-going. This isn't some doom and gloom, put your head down, sneak in, and whisper kind of support. This is the, “Hey, I'm trying to get better and crush life more” type of work. So, in addition to long waitlists, unnecessary paperwork, and high cost, we've also trashed the stuffiness. Calling Mindurance should be as comfortable as that 15 year old concert t-shirt.

So there you have it, my rationale for why Mindurance is exactly what the world needs now. It's tough starting a business. It's tough starting a business during a global pandemic. It's also tough marketing a business during a time when people have a lot of other priorities on their minds. But it doesn't mean I shouldn't and it doesn't mean I won't. Why? Because I believe in what we're doing here at Mindurance and that what we offer fits the needs of the athletes, performing artists, and professionals that are navigating this uncertain time. Wait if you want to, but we're ready for you now.