Steve Graef, PhD

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Rate: $0.50 a minute

Credentials: PhD Counseling Psychology / Licensed Psychologist OH7115

Location: Ohio

Languages: English

Age Groups: 12-17, 18-26, 26+, Middle Aged, Masters

General Speciality: Stress management,Performance enhancement

Specific Speciality: Academic / Career Coaching, Coach / Parent Education, Elite Performance, Executive Coaching, Exercise/Fitness/Health/Well-Being, High-Risk Professions, Injury / Rehab, Leadership, Life Skills, Non-sport Mental Training, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Sport Mental Training, Stress Management, Team Culture / Cohesion, Youth Sports

Performance Focus: Acting, Baseball, Basketball, Business, Cheerleading, Comedy, Crossfit, Dance, Diving, E-Sports, Equestrian, Executive, Fencing, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Football (American), Golf, Gymnastics, High Risk Professions, Lacrosse, Medical, Musician, Rowing, Running, Shooting, Skiing, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Tennis, Theatre, Track and Field, Triathlon, Wrestling, Writing, Xtreme Sports


Welcome to the profile of Dr. Steve Graef, PhD, owner and founder of Mindurance.

Steve is a licensed and board certified counseling psychologist with specialized expertise in sport and performance psychology. A former football player at The Ohio State University, Steve found out first hand the mental, physical, and emotional requirements necessary to perform at a high level. After graduation, Steve attended the University of Akron where he received his PhD in Counseling Psychology and crafted his educational and applied capacity to help individuals and teams manage stress and enhance performance.

Fast forward 10+ years, Steve has honed this skillset through various endeavors. As a professor and researcher of psychology, college Dean, national presenter, University sport psychologist, leadership consultant, entrepreneur, golf caddy, and rock band singer. Though the experiences have been as diverse as the lessons learned, there is a “through line” by which Steve does his work.

First and foremost, there is an emphasis on establishing a relationship that is conducive to change. One that is built on a foundation of trust, shared understanding, creativity, and rapport. On top of this relational foundation is the structure of empathy and awareness to understand and connect to the needs and goals of others. Finally, once an understanding of the destination has been achieved, Steve uses mindfulness, cognitive/behavioral, humanistic, and gestalt principles and practices as vehicles to get there.

So whether you are an athlete, a musician, an actor, or executive, the ability to manage stress and leverage the mental aspect of performance is paramount in pursuing the quest of reaching one’s fullest capacity. Though we can cover a lot of ground on our own, sometimes it’s value-added to have a side-kick supporting the journey along the way.

Meet with Steve:

Steve is available as a mental coach for stress management and performance enhancement. If you`re interested in receiving coaching from Steve, send him a message with the following:

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and it`s resulting impact on athletes` seasons being cancelled or postponed, as well as many performing artists` plays, tours, and shows having the same fate, I am offering sliding scale rates based on your affordability. If you can only afford $1 a minute because times are tough, I will provide you services for $1 a minute. If you can afford more, great, but I will be operating based on your budget for the foreseeable future. Let me know your desired rate when you send me a first session message.




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