Nikola Milinkovic, EdM, CMPC

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Extension: 02468

Rate: $2.00 a minute

Credentials: EdM Counseling, Sport Psychology/AASP Certified Mental Performance Consultant(CMPC)

Location: Connecticut, New York

Languages: English

Age Groups: 12-17, 18-26, 26+, Middle Aged, Masters

General Speciality: Stress management,Performance enhancement

Specific Speciality: Academic / Career Coaching, Coach / Parent Education, Elite Performance, Executive Coaching, High-Risk Professions, Injury / Rehab, Leadership, Life Skills, Non-sport Mental Training, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Sport Mental Training, Stress Management, Team Culture / Cohesion, Youth Sports

Performance Focus: Acting, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Business, Cheerleading, Circus Performer, Comedy, Dance, E-Sports, EMT, Executive, Figure Skating, Firefighting, Handball, High Risk Professions, Ice Dancing, Martial Arts, Medical, Musician, Racquet Sports, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Theatre, Volleyball, Water Polo, Writing


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my profile. I would like to briefly introduce myself, so you can get a feel for who I am, what I do, and what my approach is to stress management, and performance consulting. I grew up in Serbia, playing different team sports, and attending extracurricular acting workshops, for most of my childhood. However, I ended up focusing on tennis to be the competitive sport of my choice. I possessed talent and potential, but I had tremendous difficulty performing under pressure, and managing the nerves for most of my junior career. At age sixteen, I started moving around internationally, due to my parents’ work. I attended an American high school in the Netherlands, where the team culture, coaching, and support of my teammates, positively impacted the way I was perceiving and experiencing anxiety.

I noticed that my relationship with it started changing over time. I would still experience strong nerves if I had to give a speech, or had a monologue, but my response to it has become much different. I became more aware, accepting, and willing to experience it just as it was.As I was heavily involved in theater and varsity tennis, I wanted to pursue both in college, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and theater arts. This double major gave me a great foundation for my graduate school studies in Counseling, and professional focus on Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Over the next twelve years I ended up using my personal and professional experiences across a variety of high-performing environments, from WTA tour to United Nations. I have been leading group performance psychology workshops in sport and business, focusing on developing mental and emotional tools to manage stress, pressure, and optimize performance. I enjoy setting the stage for all the participants to share experiences and learn from each other. On the other hand, I am grateful that I have been able to collaborate with coaches and managers on enhancing their individual leadership skills, in establishing a stronger sense of culture and healthier relationships in their organizations.

However, my own journey over the years consisted of many obstacles reflecting on my expat lifestyle and career development. I have come across major career setbacks while transitioning through different countries, which have made my life come to a complete stop, change of pace, and even of occupation. I always felt these experiences came at the worst possible time, making me feel like I was in limbo without any tangible opportunities. As I was able to settle into the current situation, accept what is happening, analyze it, and make a game plan moving forward, I realized that there is always a reason why things happen when they do. Sometimes, we do not know what that reason is, but I learned that ‘we are right where we are supposed to be, in that very moment’.

It is in this moment that we have an opportunity to create a masterpiece with a fresh start, integrating all of our past experiences. I approach my work in a similar fashion. I believe in building a trusting relationship, and setting a comforting stage, where we can unpack past experiences, while creating tangible tools to use in achieving desired objectives and goals.

Having lived internationally allowed me to develop cultural sensitivity, empathy, and integrity, defining my style as a practitioner. On a personal level, I would say my biggest strengths are being self- motivated, resilient, and adaptable to change. I am grateful that I can speak, present, and write on these topics, but more than anything, that I can support the journey of athletes, business people, and stage performers, as a consultant and coach.

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Bridging the Gap’ podcast –,- interview with host Matt Vezzani about my current role as a Sport Psychology consultant working with elite tennis players, focusing on teaching the ‘mental classroom’, December 2016


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