Dr. Dan

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Extension: 11111

Rate: $3.00 a minute

Credentials: Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.), Licensed Psychologist NJ5419

Location: New Jersey

Languages: English

Age Groups: 12-17, 18-26, 26+, Middle Aged, Masters, Seniors

General Speciality: Stress management,Performance enhancement

Specific Speciality: Academic / Career Coaching, Coach / Parent Education, Disability, Elite Performance, Executive Coaching, Exercise/Fitness/Health/Well-Being, Exercise Trainers / Professionals, High-Risk Professions, Injury / Rehab, LBGTQ, Leadership, Life Skills, Non-sport Mental Training, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Sport Mental Training, Stress Management, Team Culture / Cohesion, Youth Sports

Performance Focus: Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Business, Cheerleading, Comedy, Crosscountry, Dance, Diving, E-Sports, EMT, Executive, Field Hockey, Firefighting, Football (American), Gaming, Golf, Gymnastics, High Risk Professions, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Medical, Musician, Police, Rowing, Running, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Theatre, Track and Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, Writing, Xtreme Sports


“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”

-Coach Phil Jackson

Dr. Dan is a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey. For the past five years, he has been working with high performers largely within the area of competitive sports and particularly with Division I student-athletes in the BIG Ten conference. Dr. Dan specializes in the areas of anger (emotion) management, focused breathing, and attention setting. He also offers specialized interest in the areas of mindfulness-based stress reduction and motivation enhancement. Dr. Dan believes in the power of the therapeutic/coaching relationship and the effectiveness of open and honest communication. With each session, he brings positive energy and enthusiasm overlaid with compassion and understanding. As suggested by one of his all-time favorite quotes above, allow Dr. Dan to be a part of your team.

Education and Experience:

“Allow me to re-introduce myself.” Dr. Dan earned his Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) at the University of Hartford. While earning his degree, he worked for the University of Connecticut (UCONN) Health Center, teaching medical students how to provide accurate psychological assessments. Prior to earning his doctorate, he provided clinical and performance evaluations of law enforcement personnel, including first responders, at the Institute for Forensic Psychology (IFP). Throughout his personal and clinical experiences, Dr. Dan has always prided himself on advocating for and being a part of a diverse, multidisciplinary team of individuals from varied professional and cultural backgrounds. As he transitioned to working with athletes and high performers, Dr. Dan has shifted his focus to using a broader lens, looking at the gestalt of the individual and focusing on a more holistic approach (mind/body/soul) to coaching and therapeutic work. Dr. Dan is a member of the Association for Sport Psychology (AASP), the Collegiate Counseling Sport Psychology Association (CCSPA), and the American Psychological Association (APA). He recently achieved certification in concussion management protocol from the University of Calgary and Universite Laval. Throughout his sport psychology experiences, Dr. Dan has worked with clients utilizing both individual and group approaches. He has provided psychoeducational trainings and performance enhancement workshops to parents, teams, coaches, trainers, physicians, and other sports medicine personnel and support staff. Dr. Dan grew up playing and enjoying team sports, namely baseball where he excelled as a third baseman before an injury altered his career trajectory, serendipitously.

Meet with Dr. Dan:

Dr. Dan is available as a mental coach for stress management and performance enhancement. If you`re interested in receiving coaching from Dr. Dan, send him a message with the following:

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