Rachel Hoeft, M.A.

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Extension: 82559

Rate: $1.25 a minute

Credentials: M. A. in Sport & Exercise Psychology. Doctoral Student in Sport & Performance Psychology

Location: California, All locations

Languages: English

Age Groups: <12, 12-17, 18-26, 26+, Middle Aged, Masters

General Speciality: Stress management,Performance enhancement

Specific Speciality: Academic / Career Coaching, Coach / Parent Education, Elite Performance, Exercise/Fitness/Health/Well-Being, Exercise Trainers / Professionals, Injury / Rehab, Leadership, Life Skills, Non-sport Mental Training, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Sport Mental Training, Stress Management, Team Culture / Cohesion, Youth Sports

Performance Focus: Baseball, Business, Crosscountry, Crossfit, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field


Hi! My name is Rachel Hoeft, I am a sport and performance coach for athletes and performers looking to improve their competitive performance through mental training and consulting. As a former competitive athlete who has excelled in many sports and suffered multiple season-ending injuries, I understand how the ups and downs of life really impact the way we play in our favorite sports and complete our normal day-to-day routines.

I love working with athletes and performers who are looking for that competitive edge to take them to the next level. As an athlete who has recovered from four knee surgeries, I also have a passion for working with other injured athletes to provide the support and information I wish was available to me when I was recovering from athletic injuries.

Educational Background

B.S. in Sport Psychology & Leadership

M.A. in Sport & Exercise Psychology

Doctoral Student in Sport & Performance Psychology (Expected June 2021)

Some common topics of interest I discuss with athletes are:

Performance Enhancement Tools
Goal setting and self-reflection
Stress Management
Work-Life-Athletics Balance
Organization tools
Leadership abilities
Group/team dynamics
Breathing and Relaxation techniques
Parenting and Coaching Elite Athletes
Confidence, Motivation, Dedication
Injury rehabilitation and return to sport

If my availability does not match your desired time to speak with me, please send me a message so we can create an appointment time that works for us both.

Before calling me, please send me a message with the following information to better help me make the most of our time together:

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Emergency Contact Information
  4. Topic of Discussion
  5. Desired day and time to speak
  6. Interest in package sessions and pricing if applicable

I am here to help you navigate the ups and downs of athletics and performance so that you can succeed!



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