Brian Rutz

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Extension: 86350

Rate: $0.99 a minute

Credentials: CMPC (In-Training)

Location: Wisconsin, All Locations

Languages: English

Age Groups: <12, 12-17, 18-26, 26+

General Speciality: Stress management,Performance enhancement

Specific Speciality: Academic / Career Coaching, Coach / Parent Education, Exercise/Fitness/Health/Well-Being, High-Risk Professions, Life Skills

Performance Focus: Baseball, Basketball, Football (American), Golf, High Risk Professions, Running


Sports have been a part of Brian’s life since he was young. Since the days of playing in the backyard to the 10 years he has of coaching college basketball. As much as Brian enjoys the competition of sport it’s the opportunity to connect with individuals and help them perform at their best which motivates Brian to work with athletes daily.

Brian has obtained his Master’s in Education as well as his Masters in Sport and Performance Athletes. Brian has aslo completed classes on Resiliency Training from the University of Pennsylvania. Brian has experience working with athletes from all ages. Brian currently coach’s college basketball at a high academic school and helps athletes balance the rigorous schedule of academics and athletics.

Brian has recently started a growth mindset basketball camp for inner city youth teaching them how to grow from mistakes to be successful in life. Brian also works for Positive Coaching Alliance providing workshops for parents, athletes and coaches. These workshops provide information for individuals on how to create a positive environment for athlete success.

Brian currently lives in Wisconsin and his married to his wife Sarah. Brian works full time as a master’s Level Case Manager for Adult Mental health. This opportunity has provided Brian techniques with health and wellness and stress management.

Brian is available as a mental coach for stress management and performance enhancement. If you`re interested in receiving coaching from Brian, send him a message with the following:

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